Tinnitus Control Review – is Tinnitus Control a scam?

Tinnitus Control Review

Tinnitus Control is a relatively new product that has recently become available to the general public. As with any new product, caution should initially be advised to ensure that the product is not a scam, or that it can do you harm. But if you are suffering from tinnitus, it is certainly worth your while to look into this exciting new product, and to see what it can offer you.

Despite extensive research online, we have yet to find any negative comments or complaints about this product. This is good news, although bear in mind that it is still a relatively new on the market.

First of all, from our research, we can say that this is an FDA approved product, which is a huge plus point. If the FDA have approved it then it shows that they consider it to be a safe formulation, right?

The next thing to point out is that Tinnitus Control is a 100% natural homeopathic formula, which backs up its FDA approval. For us, this was initially a major concern when we hear about any new product such as this i.e. what is actually in it? Here is a full list of the ingredients. If you are unfamiliar with the practise of homeopathy, it is basically where ingredients are used at a very diluted strength, which is considered to be non-toxic and has no side effects.

The reason why Tinnitus Control seems to be so effective is mainly due to the efficiency of the mixture of the whole ingredients in the correct proportions i.e. it is the synergistic power of all the ingredients combined, rather than just the minimal power of any one ingredient. It is a 2 step formula which the makers claim has been specifically designed to help stop the constant ringing in the ears which tinnitus causes.

Although relatively new, this product is already producing interesting results, and many people do seem to be experiencing effective relief with this.

We are going to update this review regularly as and when we hear more about this exciting new solution for tinnitus treatment, but until then let's summarize what we know so far:


Tinnitus Control – Good Points

Tinnitus Control – Bad Points


Anyone who is having problems with tinnitus, and who has been unable to cure that problem with regular tinnitus suggestions eg white noise cds, tinnitus maskers etc


If you have any known serious allergies to any of the ingredients, you may find this product is unsuitable for you


If you have suffered from tinnitus for a while, and are having a lot of trouble finding a solution, then this may just be what you're looking for. Although not easy to get hold of, the company do offer new customers a free bottle offer if you order select packages from them direct.

We think it is definetely worth trying out. If it doesn't work for you, then it doesn't work – but what if it does work? With all the tinnitus research that has been done so far, It may just be the best tinnitus treatment available, and could just help you to overcome and defeat your inner ear ringing problem once and for all, and so it has got to be worth a try. We hope that this tinnitus control review has proved useful in your decision making, as to whether to buy Tinnitus Control or not.


tinnitus control review


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Tinnitus Causes

Tinnitus Causes

There are several causes of tinnitus that will help you to understand why you have your inner ear ringing problem, and why you suffer ear noise:


a main cause of this debilitating condition is cell damage in the inner ear. Within your inner ear there are very tiny delicate hairs which move in response to the pressure of sound waves entering the ear.

This movement stimulates ear cells to produce an electrical signal to your brain, through  the auditory nerve in your ear. These signals are interpreted by your brain as sound. The problem arises when the hairs themselves become broken or bent, which causes them to produce random electrical impulses, and hence tinnitus.

There are, however, other causes of tinnitus which need to be addressed, including other chronic health conditions, other ear problems, and maybe physical injuries which could affect the hearing center of your brain or the auditory nerves.




The following is a list of others known factors in causing tinnitus, although they are not so common:

Tinnitus can also be caused by disorders of the blood vessels, such as:

Medications which have been known to worsen tinnitus:

Some medications, especially in higher doses, have been associated with causing or worsening people's tinnitus condition. Often the degree of tinnitus can be reduced by cutting out these medications:

Aspirin taken in unusually high doses (10 or more tablets per day) has been shown to possibly cause tinnitus

water pills / Diuretics — such as ethacrynic acid, furosemide, bumetanide .

Cancer medications, including vincristine and mechlorethamine .

Antibiotics, including vancomycin, chloramphenicol, bleomycin erythromycin and tetracycline.

These are the main tinnitus causes that you need to be aware of when investigating your tinnitus problem. It may also be comforting to know that there is a lot of ongoing tinnitus research in the US, funded mainly by the American Tinnitus Association.

tinnitus control review

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Tinnitus Control Review

Tinnitus Control – Can It Really Help Stop Inner Ear Ringing?

Tinnitus Control is basically a 2 step formula which has been specifically put together to finally put an end to the constant ear ringing which Tinnitus causes. This formula comprises a special blend of 100% natural homeopathic ingredients, which have been used worldwide for centuries to help overcome and treat problems with the ears, and inner ear ringing.

As yet, we have yet to see any reports of complaints regarding this product, which is very good news.

Let's take a closer look at the ingredients which make up this tinnitus treatment:

Arnica – the roots of this herb contain many derivitave forms of thymol, which are often used as preservatives and fungicides, and which are also believed to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Many ointment and liniment products used for bruises, sprains and strains currently include arnica in their ingredients. Many professional athletes use products containing arnica, as a way of reducing inflammation from such bruises.

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency has registered arnica for bruising and sprains according to the 'National Rules For Homeopathic Products 2006', and such products containing arnica are widely commercially available.

Chininum Sulphuricum – this has been shown to aid in the relief of acute articular rheumatism, polyarticular gout, as well as some symptoms of chronic intestitial nephritis and retrobulbar nephritis. It is also a well-known homeopathic treatment for 'roaring of the ears'

Ferrum Metallicum – derived from iron metal, this homeopathic remedy has been shown to be effective hi hip-joint pain, shoulder rheumatism, blood hemorrhages, irregular blood distribution within the body, weakness from just speaking, congestive, pulsating, hammering headaches

Kali phosphoricumthis is a main homeopathic remedy for nervous system disorders, and helps people who have difficulty focusing and concentrating. It can help you be calmer, as well as help you to sleep at night, and be alert during the day. This remedy is often used for people who are worn down by stress.

Natrum Sulphuricum – is used in the treatment of headaches, depression, head injuries, hepatitis, abdominal pain, diarrhea, flatulence, and gallstones.

Pulsatilla – homeopaths use this substance for conditions which are caused by fright, shock, grief, exposure to too much sun, loss of vital fluids, and mental stress. As it is so widely used, it is often called the queen of homeopathic remedies, and can also aid against digestive problems, chickenpox, coughs, colds, swollen glands, and more.

When we take all these ingredients together, we can see that Tinnitus Control certainly does have the very real potential to stop your inner ear ringing problem. Added to that that no firm complaints have been made either against this product, and it clear that this is a tinnitus treatment which every tinnitus sufferer should try as soon as possible.

The 2 step Tinnitus Control Formula

The formula is essentially a 2 step remedy. First, you use the supplied spray to spray the potent herbal ingredients under the tongue. Then, you need to take the herbal pills which are also supplied.

How To Use Tinnitus Control

The spray should be used 3 times each day, spraying twice each time. The supplement pill should be taken twice also, 2 times each day.

How much does it cost?

If you order your bottle through any link on this site, your order will be processed direct with the manufacturer. This helps to keep the cost as low as possible, and also ensures you receive genuine Tinnitus Control. Prices do change from time to time, however, so you should click the link below to check the latest price (currently they are offering a 2 free bottle deal on selected packages of this tinnitus treatment).

tinnitus control


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Tinnitus Maskers

What are tinnitus maskers?

Many people with tinnitus suffer the most when they are indoors, and in quiet environments. When they are outside they don't seem to hear the ringing in the ears which characterizes tinnitus, but when everything is quiet, such as when they are reading or trying to sleep, then that is when the tinnitus symptoms are more noticeable.

To combat this, for many years some sufferers have turned to tinnitus maskers, which are basically sound recordings of relaxing sounds or music, which help interrupt the pattern of 'no sound' which is what happens when the person is trying to sleep, for example.

Although tinnitus maskers are popular, the jury is still out as to whether or not enough people do actually benefit from them.

Tinnitus maskers are usually applied by using a hearing aid type device, which helps to mask or drown out the inner ear ringing which is the main tinnitus symptom that most people have. Tinnitus Masker (TM) is a brand new masker which you should consider using together with Tinnitus Control, and is one that may be worth considering on its own if the homeopathic remedy doesn't work for you..

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Buy Tinnitus Control to reduce tinnitus

Buy Tinnitus Control

If you are about to buy Tinnitus Control, you should exercise caution before you do so. Here are some things you should know before deciding on where to purchase:

- The product is not, as far as we know, available in main street stores. If you come across a similar product in a store, check it out carefully as it is possible it will be a different cheaper product.

- The same goes when ordering online. As far as we know, Tinnitus Control is only available through the official website – if you land at a site claiming to sell it through any other means then you should be careful as to exactly what you are buying.

Remember too that our complete tinnitus control review will give you the full lowdown on this exciting new product, in case you still need some further information as to whether or not to order this exciting new tinnitus treatment.

If you have problems with the above link, here is a brief summary of our review:

Tinnitus Control is FDA approved, and is a 100% homeopathic tinnitus treatment. Although it  is a new product on the market, these factors are good strong signs that not only is the remedy safe to administer, but also that it may significantly reduce your tinnitus symptoms. The product has also been featured on TV, and there is a lot of evidence already of many satisfied users.

It has also been suggested that the effectiveness of Tinnitus Control may be enhanced by using it in conjunction with tinnitus maskers.

We have supplied several links on this site, where you can be taken to the official site, for more information, and to order your free trial bottle.


>>>Click here to Order Tinnitus Control Direct from the manufacturer<<<

In our opinion, given all the scams online today, we suggest you buy Tinnitus Control only from the official website.

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Ear Noise – what causes those ear noises?

Ear Noise

Ear Noise, ear ringing, tinnitus – these are all different terms for what is basically the same affliction. That inner ear ringing that just doesn't want to go away, and is especially apparent when it quiet places, or when trying to get some sleep for example.Although there has been a lot of on-going tinnitus research, predominantly by the American Tinnitus Association, and that research has certainly gone a long way in the search for a tinnitus cure, it is a sad fact that a total 100% cure does not yet exist.

There are several possible solutions to the ear noise problem – white noise cd's, tinnitus maskers, Tinnitus Control Homeopathic remedy, for example, as well as more detailed help in the form of tinnitus treatment ebooks such as Tinnitus Miracle, Banish Tinnitus etc.

Many people seem to express great success with their tinnitus problems by using a mixture of one or more of the above techniques.

However, even with all of these potential solutions to choose from, many people suffer with ear noise for most of their life, with little if any relief.

Ear noise is often referred to as Meniere's Disease, and it often more prevalent in people over 50. Other symptoms of Meniere's include vertigo, vomiting, as well as possibly a degree of deafness.

The problem starts in the canals of the inner ears, where there is an increse in the amount of fluid build up. This is the part of the ear which controls balance.

This fluid often causes injury to the cochlea, as well as damaging the canals themselves. When this occurs, sufferers will get symptoms of tinnitus as well as having difficulty with sound perception.

Vertigo is often the first main symptom of Meniere's, and all sufferers may eventually suffer from full-blown hearing loss and / or tinnitus. The tinnitus ear noise and vertigo may disappear in time, but often the deafness will not get any better.

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Tinnitus Control

Tinnitus Control

Tinnitus Control has been slowly making its way into the news recently, so it is worth taking a closer look at this interesting new tinnitus treatment product, as an alternative to the more traditional tinnitus maskers.

If you suffer from tinnitus, or 'tinnitus hearing' as it is often referred to, then you have probably already tried most of the existing treatments for this debilitating condition. So it is certainly worth investigating this particular treatment further. Here's why:

Tinnitus Control is a 100% natural homeopathic formulation. If you are not sure what that means exactly, it basically means that it follows the homeopathic principles in terms of how its ingredients are put together and tested. Very small concentrations of teach of the ingredients are used, which when used synergistically (all together), they combine to provide a much more powerful working solution to the problem.

This is the case with this product. Many natural ingredients, each of which have been known to possibly have a soothing effect on tinnitus, have been brought together to produce a much more powerful "whole" product. The concept is indeed exciting, and although a new formulation, it promises an intriguing alternative to the traditional tinnitus treatment.

The product has been noted on TV too, which is why it first came to our attention, and why we are planning a full review in the coming days. For now, the most important thing we have noticed is that it is FDA approved, and certainly seems to be a very safe treatment. That is probably the most important consideration.

We shall be publishing our full review in the next few days, so if you are looking to buy tinnitus control then you may want to read that first.

tinnitus control image

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Tinnitus Hearing

Tinnitus Hearing

Tinnitus Hearing is a condition which gives rise to a continual ringing sound in the ears. It is almost like a toothache or headache in nature, which can be so hard to cope with that it is just too difficult to ignore. It can also be very frustrating for the sufferer. The degree of ringing does vary from one person to another, so just because one person has severe tinnitus hearing doesn't mean that you necessarily will have to.

Some people just learn to live with it, as their case is not too severe, but for others the tinnitus will simply drive them mad. The condition arises due to pressure within the inner ear increasing, causing an exaggeration of the sound waves as they pass through the inner ear – this can lead to a constant buzz and loudish bangs.

There are many potential tinnitus treatments, but the majority are relatively cheap and do not offer a long lasting solution. Unfortunately, medical surgeries too do not always offer a working solution to this problem. Here are a few more suggestions that you can do for yourself to help relieve your tinnitus symptoms:

1. try to turn the volume down on car and home stereos, for example. Tinnitus Research has shown that tinnitus can be worsened when exposed to high volumes of music for extended periods of time.If you have no way of avoiding this , for example you work in a noisy environment, be sure to protect your ears with ear plugs or headphones of some description.

2. Be sure to keep you ears clean, by regularly cleaning them. This will help to remove all of the build up of fluids within the inner ear.

3. Research has shown that some diets even can help alleviate tinnitus symptoms. Diets that contain a lot of fruit and vegetables can prove very beneficial (good excuse to eat healthy eh!), so it may be worth paying some more close attention to your dietary habits too.

4. Avoid too much salt intake. Too much salt isn't good for you anyway, but when it comes to tinnitus it can help to ensure that not so much fluid is produced, thus reducing the fluid in the ear building up.

In terms of treatment for tinnitus hearing, the new homeopathic formulation Tinnitus Control is proving to be very popular amongst sufferers.

tinnitus control

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